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Aspen Green (Colorado) creates organic, full-spectrum hemp products backed up by 7 different lab reports. Here is a little information about their process:

  • Our hemp plants are grown organically under strict, clean farming conditions
  • Our purity experts extract, filter, and process our hemp to meet stringent standards of purity
  • Full-spectrum extraction ensures that beneficial vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, terpenes, and flavonoids are captured in every bottle and jar
  • Every product we make is free of toxins, which means it is free of ingredients suspected to have short- or long-term negative effects on the health and safety of users or on the environment
  • Our products are tested by third-party laboratories to ensure the phytocannabinoid counts are accurate so you know the product IN the package is the product ON the package

Why do we love this brand?

We love this brand because of their rigorous testing standards. Their committed to transparency and create high quality products using natural ingredients like therapeutic essential oils. Their one of few brands that possess USDA Organic and Real of Care Certifications.

Available Lazarus Naturals Capsules and Softgels: Capsules
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 3000 MG
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 2000 MG
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 1000 MG


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