New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania Hemp Update: 2/1/21

Hemp License updates, grant opportunities, and small business hemp collaborations and much more to wrap up January 2021.

Here is a roundup of the latest articles that hit the web for the week of January 20th – January 31st, 2021 in the tri-state region!

The New Jersey Hemp Facebook Group will be hosting an online event on Thursday, February 4th titled Applying for a New Jersey Hemp License. To join the webinar, you must join the Facebook Group first. This is a free event!


Wolf Administration Awards $1.3 Million To Fund Research To Grow PA Agriculture Industry
University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine – $14,432 – Development of Sensitive Method for Analysis of Cannabinoids in Bovine Serum and Hemp Seed Samples.”

Coexist Build, Blandon, Berks Co. – $4,500 – Developing Marketing Strategy for Agritourism Highlighting Regenerative, Organic Farm Featuring Hemp-based Construction”

A full list of other non-hemp awards can be found here.

Hemp’s (Maybe) Legal High Offers Growing Allure

“With potential like that, some companies aren’t waiting for regulatory clarity. Take Deep Six CBD, a retailer that just announced a rollout of delta-8 THC oil, vapes and edibles at a store in Pennsylvania. “Why pay $250 for a medical marijuana card?” the company’s president said in its news release touting the new product. “Try delta-8 THC first!” “

Deep Six Brings Delta 8 THC to Scranton, PA
“Deep Six’s location in the Viewmont Mall, just a short drive from Dickson City and Dunmore, opened in early 2020 and began by serving their community with a range of hemp-derived vape, oil tincture, and edible forms. CBD for pain, inflammation, and mild relaxation was the name of the game, but 2020 made it clear that something more substantial would be needed for some of their customers.

“Scranton residents owe it to themselves to try Delta 8,” said Benton Purtle, Operations Manager of Deep Six CBD. “I use a Delta 8 micro dose as a more natural alternative to attention medications such as Ritalin. I’ve battled with ADHD for my entire life – Delta 8 THC oil tincture, used consistently in very small doses, helps me to maintain focus in my daily professional and personal lives.”

PA Farm Bill Aids Urban Programs

“DON — a family of western Pennsylvania companies, mostly nonprofits, that help people with disabilities live independently — is working with some of the region’s many plastics companies to test hemp in their products.

The company is also renovating a house in a blighted area of New Castle using hemp building materials.

In April, the company will gut the house and rebuild it with hempcrete and HempWood flooring made with last year’s in-state crop. The company will even use hemp-based insulation.

“That’s fiber batting insulation that you can install with your bare hands — as opposed to fiberglass, which you would need pretty much a hazmat suit to do,” Daytner said.

The project will contribute to DON’s work with Penn State and the U.S. Hemp Building Association to develop construction standards for hempen materials”.

Meet the Farmer: Ben Weiss of Ditchweed Craft Hemp, Susquehanna Apothecary and Urban Edge Farm in Lancaster
What a Q&A! Dive in!


New York State Department of Health Launches Cannabinoid Hemp Retail License Application

Details about the license can be found in the link above and a short description here.

Is a Hemp Farm in New York Worth the Work?

Some considerations prior to beginning your operation. Another post on this topic can be found here.

Investor lawsuit against NY hemp biotech company tossed

“Based in Williamsville, 22nd Century Group researches the genetics of tobacco and cannabis plants and was accused of trying to manipulate its stock price through misrepresenting its business. Plaintiffs were seeking class-action status.”

Restrictions on shipment of vaping products could impact hemp industry

“The CEO of the Blinc Group, a New York-based company that develops and supplies cannabis vaping hardware, called the new restrictions “another attempt by the government to ‘demonize’ nicotine vaping.””

Hemp Biotech Biz Beats Investor Suit Over SEC Probe

Paid article, we didn’t pay for it haha!

NY State Department of Health proposes new hemp-derived CBD regulation, CRN responds
The Council for Responsible Nutrition issued a statement regarding the treatment of extracts in the state.

Hemp industry advocates dish reactions on USDA final hemp rules

Kaelan Castetter, vice president, New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association

While it’s a positive sign that the USDA accepted and incorporated stakeholder feedback in their rulemaking, it’s clear that the untenable requirements and challenges that will lead to burdensome costs for growers and ultimately led to New York State’s decision to opt-out of the federal hemp program are still present in the final rules.

This further convinces us that Congress will need to make clear in further legislation their intent of a thriving nationwide hemp industry that affords opportunity to America’s farmers.””

Hemp’s been around forever, but the industry is still emerging
Published on the paid-for site, Rochester Business Journal.

These Hotels Are Now Offering Complimentary CBD At Check-In

Highlines Wellness, a NY hemp company, has partnered with another NY hotel, Freeland Hotels, as an opt-in amenity for the hotel’s guests, Great client idea!

USDA Introduces Grant for Hemp Germplasm Collection
“NIFA is looking to fund one project to collect hemp germplasm for the USDA Hemp Germplasm Repository located at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, New York. The maximum grant amount for the hemp project is $125,000 per year for four years.” This is the announcement post from the USDA and the program details published by the USDA.

NY Health Department Has Proposed New CBD Regulation
“A proposed addition to the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York tackles the processing and retail of cannabinoid hemp in the state. The document was found in the New York State Department of Health site, under the Proposed Rule Making section. The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has issued a response to the proposal.”

CNY beverage firm launches a CBD-infused seltzer, among the many first within the state
An organic farming company. Also featured in

Budget includes plans for new Cannabis Management Office and THC taxes

“A new Office of Cannabis Management proposed in the 2022 Executive Budget would oversee the hemp industry, medicinal marijuana and the adult-use recreational cannabis programs.”

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