New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania Hemp Update: 2/1-14/2021

Here is a roundup of the latest articles that hit the web for the week of February 1 – February 14th, 2021 in the tri-state region!

No new news for this week.


New Holland Agriculture, a subsidiary of CNH Industrial N.V., is working with Penn State University to educate around the importance of the industrial side of the hemp plant.

Susquehanna Mills is exploring the grain side of hemp, reach out to them if you’re looking to purchase hemp seed or seed oil. Their hemp seed oil is packaged in plastic bottles made in PA, also.

“State-level Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, funded at $500,000, to invest in and encourage farming of high-priority horticultural crops like hemp, hops, and hardwoods.” – State of Pennsylvania Pressroom. Other sites are reporting that the amount proposed was $460,000.

The story of $19,000 in grants to hemp companies continues to circulate this week.


Podcast interview with Allan Gandelman, founder and president of the New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association breaks down the complications the 700+ NY hemp farmers are facing because of legislation passed.

“The state Department of Health has argued that the prohibition is in keeping with the state’s effort to curtail smoking generally.”

For example… “If I go to five farmer’s markets, plus have a farm stand on the land, and also sell online, that could be six retail licenses that I have to pay $300 for,” Jeanette Miller said. “That hasn’t been clarified yet. … I’m paying $300 per location, but so is Wegman’s, which is a huge multi-million dollar company.”

“What they’re not taking into consideration is that many people who use the flower do not use it to smoke, they use it to infuse products,” she explained. “Infusing is like sticking it into a jar with oil or alcohol and letting the properties soak.”

The hemp flower, under the Hemp Extract Regulation, can only be sold to a processor, not infused by the farmer, and at this time no processor is buying flower at a reasonable price. Miller said growers could pay producers and manufacturers to make the flowers into products.

“A pound of flower biomass is only being sold at $4, which is disgusting because the processors can take that pound and turn it around to $1,500 or $2,000 after they extract it into a concentrate and then make their own products from it that they can sell,” said Miller.

While New York Farm Bureau is the state’s largest general farm organization, it was not contacted, Miller said, nor were any of the existing hemp research partners that she communicated with.

“They only reached out to one group, the New York State Cannabis Growers and Processors Association, for recommendations and comments, which has only 15 to 25 members,” Miller said. “This is not a factual representation of the percentage of farmers, farm businesses, small businesses, rural businesses or small education-related businesses impacted.”

New York Ban’s Hemp Flower Sales

Hemp Flower Legal Defense Fund. A Bill has since been introduced to solve this problem, explicitly stating the legality of this crop

Hand-made Hemp Headphones made in Brooklyn.

Introducing Bimble Beverages with 25mg of THC free hemp extract. Beak & Skiff is making a 20mg full spectrum seltzer.

A supply chain blog discussed transporting large amounts of biomass for processing, like the instance a shipment was confiscated and a track driver arrested.

However, Beckerman said a processor license is required for cannabinoid extraction. She pointed to the state definition passed by the New York State Assembly for “‘Processing of hemp in connection with its growing and cultivation,’” which “means the growing, cultivation, cloning, harvesting, drying, curing, grinding and trimming of hemp plants.”

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