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Princeton Integrative Health is a fully fledged Integrative Functional Medicine practice that offers enrollment into the New Jersey & Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Programs

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Medical Marijuana is an Individualized Therapy

Customized Cannabis Care Sessions offered virtually and in person. With so many products to choose from,  discover the power of plant medicine through cannabis education, treatment options for specific conditions and product properties that are associated with a patient’s desired effects. Schedule a complimentary discovery session.

Cannabis & Functional Medicine

At PIH, we focus on customized patient care. We offer functional medicine testing and health and wellness programs that drive at the root cause of chronic health issues. In today’s disease management model of healthcare, doctors and clinicians are often required to take a reactive approach to illness rather than a preventive approach to overall health and wellness. At PIH we implement a different model, one that focuses on true healthcare and, ultimately, well-care and self-care.

As a tool in our health “toolbox”, there are countless methods of use and unique cannabis strains that will target every qualifying condition on the state list. Cannabis has been used as an herbal medicine for thousands of years, across many different countries and cultures. We have seen much success with this tool, including life-transforming changes in health.

Cannabis fits perfectly in the Integrative Functional Medicine toolbox. When you combine the power of cannabis with other plant medicines, you're giving your body a chance to heal naturally
Regina Schoenberger
Princeton Integrative Health
Community Educator

Cannabis 101

Discover the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Browse our class schedule.

Methods of Use

There are a variety of ways to take your medicine


Determine the appropriate dose for your condition

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