Hempcrete News: February 2021

Here are all the latest articles to hit the web related to Hempcrete for the 2nd month of 2021.

The Benefits of Building a Hempcrete House – published by Treehugger
Excellent job citing their claims covered in their Design & Architecture section!
“One paper estimates that hempcrete provides an R-value of 2.4 to 4.8 per inch.7 To compare, concrete has an R- value of 0.1 to 0.2 per inch, making it an insufficient insulator.”

How Good Are the Latest Sustainable Product Platforms? by Architect Magazine
an N=1 comparison to bamboo and drywall.

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Australian firm says it will bring HempBLOCK system to USA by HempToday
“An Australian company has secured an exclusive distributorship in the USA for a hempcrete building system it says is cost competitive with traditional construction. Queensland-based HempBLOCK Australia also has begun marketing and selling the bio-based system, made by the French firm Vieille Matériaux, in Australia and New Zealand.”

antony gibbon’s mineral spa imagines soft forms meandering through jungle context by Design Boom
“with his newly envisioned ‘mineral’ spa, architectural designer antony gibbon translates his strategies of sculptural form-making into a lush, jungle context. to be constructed of hempcrete, the contemporary, design-minded spa comprises a series of playful organic figures which meander around dipping pools and streams.”

“Very informative conversation with Alex Sparrow, author of The Hempcrete Book, about what hempcrete is, and the wider benefits of building with natural materials.”

New home from ‘old’ materials – published by Craven Herald Pioneer
“To insulate our house, we are using hempcrete. The hemp for this is grown and prepared in East Yorkshire.

HempWood offers a sustainable wood alternative with endless applications – published by Inhabitat

EU Ag Report Shines Light on Hemp as Sustainable Crop for Farmers’ Long-Term Plans – published by Hemp Grower
“Hemp-based construction materials have an exceptional thermal performance which reduces energy consumption while sequestering carbon. They include hempcrete (a hemp-lime composite walling and insulation material), as well as hemp wool and fibre-board insulation. In addition, hempcrete is nonflammable, resistant to mold and bacteria, naturally regulates humidity, and has an exceptional thermal and acoustic performance.”

For an introduction to hempcrete, watch our interview with Hempitecture.

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