Who we are..

Preston Hall and Regina Schoenberger are two childhood friends that formed Cannabates LLC with the intent of helping others. Our vision is to help people unlock the true therapeutic and undeniable benefits of cannabis while helping our loved ones save some money in the process.

Regina and Preston have used cannabis for medicinal purposes throughout their entire life. Regina, a medical marijuana patient who suffers extreme pain from Endometriosis, has used cannabis in combination with  holistic therapies for 2 decades to treat chronic musculoskeletal spasticity and pelvic pain. Preston, a medical marijuana caregiver for his Mother, has seen the benefit first had that cannabinoids play on neuropathic pain and inflammation without the host of side effects. 

Our game plan..

Cannabates strives to provide trustworthy industry information, while helping you save money on the best-in-class cannabis products. We recommend brands based on quality, effectiveness, and affordability. We source the highest quality hemp derived products and options. Cannabates strives to help you discover new hemp options around the world.

Preston Hall

Preston saw the disconnect between affordable CBD Hemp and the suffering patient.  Hemp and Cannabis Advocate for over a decade, as well as a Healthcare, Market Research Project Manager, Preston’s background is comprised of recruiting patients and caregivers to improve future quality of life and health.

Preston has been focused on cultivating the Hemp community in New Jersey. He hosted one of the state’s first Hemp History Week educational events, volunteered with the first hempcrete project in NJ and is apart of the Steering Committee for the future New Jersey Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association.

Regina Schoenberger

Regina wears many hats in the cannabis industry. She holds a position in Education and Marketing in Integrative/Functional Medicine with Dr.Vincent Leonti  M.D. and Jenna Richardson FDN-P at Princeton Integrative Health.  She has helped enroll thousands of patients into the New Jersey Medical Marijuana program from all ages and varying medical conditions. Hemp and Cannabis Advocate, Regina is also a digital media designer with a strong creative vision. She specializes in cannabis education through video and graphic design.

Although Regina possess a biology background and holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Drexel University, her true interest led her to plant based medicine. Her passion and fascination with cannabis is deeply rooted in her own experience as a medical marijuana patient with chronic pain related to women’s issues. She is passionate about helping women regulate their hormones with plant based medicine. She is dedicated to helping patients unlock the true therapeutic benefits of cannabis through education and empowerment.

Carefully Curated Cannabis Products

The products featured on Cannabates are selected based on the following criteria, products will vary.